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The Flatirony Duo

Flatiron Disctrict, NYC

Products. For People.

Products. For People.

Flatirony is the brainchild of two friends: one a writer who loves art (J. Sugar), the other an artist who loves good writing (Enon). Call it a label, a boutique art firm, an exploration in world construction, or the world’s worst get rich quick scheme: Flatirony is a chance for two people who love beauty and joy to create those things and share them with you.

Flatirony started off as a way for two friends to have a good time, but quickly snowballed into a thriving working relationship. The company went through several iterations (ask to see some of the original logos sometime), but came together once J. Sugar and Enon both realized they wanted to develop the same tone for their products: one of warmth, wit, positivity, and maybe a little snark.

Flatirony's mission is to keep pumping out products that make your day better. We'd be honored to be your favorite t-shirt, that one you wear when you're feeling super confident. We'd be thrilled to have a conversation start in your home over one of our posters, or even just to have you smile as you reach for your coffee mug in the morning.


- Enon and J. Sugar